Suburban Heating and Cooling is a full service oil burner service company serving Western MA. We are ready to handle any emergency or regular maintenance needed on your home heating & oil burner system. Call 413-273-5950 for an appointment today.

Oil Burner Tune-Ups & Service

Suburban Heating & Cooling Services specializes in oil burner cleaning, repairs and tune-ups.

All of these are necessary so that your residential oil burner doesn’t break or become an unsafe hazard for you and your family. Whether the repair is minor or major, our experts will walk you through the process of how we’ll fix the problem. Cleanings are also necessary to prevent any build up in pipes and filters of the oil burner.

Just like your car, your home’s oil burner needs regular tune-ups to run efficiently. Suburban Heating and Cooling offers oil burner tune-ups and service to keep your heating system running smoothly all winter long.

A tune-up will also include a safety check to make sure your system is operating properly and efficiently. Regular tune-ups can help extend the life of your oil burner and prevent costly repairs down the road.

During tune-ups, we’ll inspect all of the oil burner’s parts to see if they are working properly, and if not, we’ll diagnose the problem and make any repairs. Don’t wait until the cold weather hits to have your oil burner serviced. Be prepared so that you don’t have to worry once the snow falls.

Our tune-up services include:

  • Brush & vacuum unit and flue pipes
  • Changing oil filters
  • Nozzle & cleaning fuel pump
  • Efficiency testing
  • Set up burner for maximum efficiency
  • Oil pump strainer changed if necessary

  • Vacuum and brush heat exchanger and flue pipe

  • Head and tube assembly inspected

  • Oil any motors as needed

  • Check belts and air filters on furnaces

  • Gage glass cleaned or replaced on steam boilers

  • Low water cut-off and all limits and safety’s checked

  • Address water leaks or system noises

  • Combustion analyzer system efficiency test performed

  • Overall system operation inspection

Suburban offers emergency oil burner service for Western MA because we know that things happen and you shouldn’t have to wait until the next day. We also will service your oil burner no matter where you buy your oil from. With over 40 years of experience, Suburban Heating & Cooling wants your family to stay warm during the New England winters with a fully functioning oil burner.


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